Thursday, January 10, 2008

what a bad day ..

I woke up abit groggy and soon enough at 11 plus i got this terrible migraine...must be the cheese and crackers.. and last night i ate little during supper, it amazing how your stomach could produce that much acidic to cause the imbalance of the body to have migraine, so i cooked lunch, ate it and head straight to bed... i woke up at 3 pm and took a shower ..oh no...the drain is clogged ! Sigh... I felt BULLY by a drain .. anyway sorry about my story ... i know this is a knitting website but i cannot do anything till my hubby come home today so we can start cracking my pics and post it here for all to see... it snowing ! so nice and cosy to watch them in a heated house with a cup of water..

i finally finished my Buttony Cardigan free pattern here i did mine in medium pink using red heart acrylic, alot of people did said that the more you wash that yarn..the softer it gets... so i will try it out...i planned to knit another one with Caron supersaver yarn. i will try to post the pic up this weekend...

wow the snow are really dense and lots of them are falling from the sky ...less than a minute the floor becomes a White cool !


letah75 said...

Hey, good to see you have a blog!

HippieLacy said...

thank you have you been ?