Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am back..

I am finally back to reality, I had been busy selling my knitting yarn and needles, books and tons of knitting related accessories because I am moving back where i am originally born and that is Singapore!

Both my husband and I sold almost everything in our condo, my biggest supporter buyers are Carleen (my knitting buddy and great friend) and my lovely mother-in-law (the most positive energy person in my life). My husband is the ULTIMATE positive person i ever met ! He is a good match because i am so negative in many ways... i worry too much in life and i am getting better after marrying him for 6 great years.

We had packed and unpacked our bags for this trip cos' we wanted not to bring too much stuff that we would not used. That leaves me no time for knitting and crocheting, i hope this would be over soon so that i can start "Clicking" with a pair of my favourite needles !

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My knititng projects

Hi I am finally back to normal... i got a bad cold and cough badly last 2 weeks...must be the cold affected me too much ...cannot wait for Spring to come is my work that i would like to share ...

sorry about the blurry pic... this is another cardigan i am working on now ...will keep you posted on this piece...WORK IN PROGRESS ..

These required alot of work consists of crochet and knitting .... it going to be spectacular i believed... work in progress now ..

i knitted this for Aspyn, my lovely god-daughter who is five this year... I crochet the back (flowers area) and front left and right sides and knit up the sleeves... i made this up as i go along ...accommodating crochet and knitting together in one piece...and i added a kitty button for her ....she loves kitties !

I crochet this piece for my MIL ...i picked green because she is Irish... very simple doily

I bought this Japanese Doilies crochet book from Kinokuniya and i picked this pattern cos' it had a lot of heats .. I gave it to my MIL and she loves it ... she put it under her jumbo Candles stand cool !

Before i gave it to her ... I had some tea-party by myself ... so appetizing !

This is a Raglan cardigan i knit as i go along for my DH's god-daugther, Lilla...she is only 2 months old... she is a cutie pie !

My DH's new Raglan sweater i made for him for christmas... I took this picture when he just woke up so sweet !

I cannot wait to finish this buttony cardigan... :)

There she is ...i did alot of shaping on the waist line...

i like those buttons that i picked out at Joann's Fabric

I loves this buttony cardigan... i intend to knit another one maybe a higher neckline...

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Swatch booty

This booty i swatch it for fun and it turned out to be cute...
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Cold get COLDER...

Wow...i woke up this morning and its below zero... the wind chill factor is below 20' heater blown non-stop round the clock..geesh so cold... i am wearing my buttony cardigan it very warm but i still get a cold in the i am asking DH to download pics of my FO knitting projects... i will be right back after cooking lunch ...see ya !

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sooo cold

I went to Chicago with DH last night, he had a meeting to attend and I tag along with my knitting gear, yup never leave home without one...

while waiting for him at Subway.. i knit my doily using sport weight yarn to knit into a baby/or lap blanket... it kind of fun ..keep increasing and knit knit knit..the subway supposed to close at 9 pm but at 7.50 they started sweeping the floor and packed things up ... i feel that they are hinting me to i packed my stuff and got nowhere to go ... I loitered around the building and boy was it icy cold or what and the wind kidding keep blowing...ahem i forgot Chicago is the WINDY city i am home all day long and i feel chill all the time... believe it or not i had 3 pieces of clothing on(t-shirt,cardigan and fleece) and still feel chilly...wonder i am sick or ......Sigh.. nevertheless it was fun to accompany my DH though...we chat and eat on the way there and back...people drive **Craze** there for second of waiting they HONKED ...and kind of blown my mind away...

did you know they are some Asia country the road rages are out of control ...they will beat each other up ...they had ZERO tolerance !!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

what a bad day ..

I woke up abit groggy and soon enough at 11 plus i got this terrible migraine...must be the cheese and crackers.. and last night i ate little during supper, it amazing how your stomach could produce that much acidic to cause the imbalance of the body to have migraine, so i cooked lunch, ate it and head straight to bed... i woke up at 3 pm and took a shower ..oh no...the drain is clogged ! Sigh... I felt BULLY by a drain .. anyway sorry about my story ... i know this is a knitting website but i cannot do anything till my hubby come home today so we can start cracking my pics and post it here for all to see... it snowing ! so nice and cosy to watch them in a heated house with a cup of water..

i finally finished my Buttony Cardigan free pattern here i did mine in medium pink using red heart acrylic, alot of people did said that the more you wash that yarn..the softer it gets... so i will try it out...i planned to knit another one with Caron supersaver yarn. i will try to post the pic up this weekend...

wow the snow are really dense and lots of them are falling from the sky ...less than a minute the floor becomes a White cool !

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome to HippieLacy !

Happy New Year !!! This is so new to me and i finally decided to start a blog in 2008 !! That's a great start for me :)

I shall see how long i can do this... i will dig more of my pics on my completed knitting/crochet pieces to show off here