Saturday, February 2, 2008

My knititng projects

Hi I am finally back to normal... i got a bad cold and cough badly last 2 weeks...must be the cold affected me too much ...cannot wait for Spring to come is my work that i would like to share ...

sorry about the blurry pic... this is another cardigan i am working on now ...will keep you posted on this piece...WORK IN PROGRESS ..

These required alot of work consists of crochet and knitting .... it going to be spectacular i believed... work in progress now ..

i knitted this for Aspyn, my lovely god-daughter who is five this year... I crochet the back (flowers area) and front left and right sides and knit up the sleeves... i made this up as i go along ...accommodating crochet and knitting together in one piece...and i added a kitty button for her ....she loves kitties !

I crochet this piece for my MIL ...i picked green because she is Irish... very simple doily

I bought this Japanese Doilies crochet book from Kinokuniya and i picked this pattern cos' it had a lot of heats .. I gave it to my MIL and she loves it ... she put it under her jumbo Candles stand cool !

Before i gave it to her ... I had some tea-party by myself ... so appetizing !

This is a Raglan cardigan i knit as i go along for my DH's god-daugther, Lilla...she is only 2 months old... she is a cutie pie !

My DH's new Raglan sweater i made for him for christmas... I took this picture when he just woke up so sweet !

I cannot wait to finish this buttony cardigan... :)

There she is ...i did alot of shaping on the waist line...

i like those buttons that i picked out at Joann's Fabric

I loves this buttony cardigan... i intend to knit another one maybe a higher neckline...

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ekgheiy said...

Nice work on your buttony cardi! It looks so comfy :)