Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am back..

I am finally back to reality, I had been busy selling my knitting yarn and needles, books and tons of knitting related accessories because I am moving back where i am originally born and that is Singapore!

Both my husband and I sold almost everything in our condo, my biggest supporter buyers are Carleen (my knitting buddy and great friend) and my lovely mother-in-law (the most positive energy person in my life). My husband is the ULTIMATE positive person i ever met ! He is a good match because i am so negative in many ways... i worry too much in life and i am getting better after marrying him for 6 great years.

We had packed and unpacked our bags for this trip cos' we wanted not to bring too much stuff that we would not used. That leaves me no time for knitting and crocheting, i hope this would be over soon so that i can start "Clicking" with a pair of my favourite needles !

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